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Our Services

Structural Pruning

Pruning can be the best and the worst thing done for your trees. When done properly it can increase the health, longevity, safety, function and beauty, but when done improperly it can have the opposite effect. Trees produce there own food through photosynthesis, a process that takes place in green tissue of plants in the presence of sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water.
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Large & Technical Tree Removals

Our 28-75 ton cranes and specialized climbing tools are used to gain mechanical advantage while cautiously lowering hazardous logs and limbs to ensure the safety of structures below.

Furnishing & Installation of Mature Trees

Our field stock nursery of mature trees can turn your project or home into an instant paradise. Our NCCO certified crane operators, certified arborists, and 28-75 ton cranes furnish and install large trees overnight where the other guys can't.

Coconut & Palm Tree Trimming

We utilize aerial lifts and spikeless trimming techniques, where accessible, to maintain the safety and health of your coconut and palm trees.

Mechanical Stump Removal

Our top-of-the-line hydraulic stump grinders allow us to remove stumps and root systems up to 13 inches below ground level. Allowing grass or more desirable plants to grow where tree stumps once were.

Chemically-Treated Root Barriers

Our staff is trained to furnish and install root barriers which redirect root growth to protect structures, asphalt, concrete, and other hardscapes from costly damage.

Diagnosis & Tree Risk Assessment

Our certified arborists are trained and equipped to inspect your trees for harmful pests and decay which can undermine the structural integrity of your trees causing them to become a hazardous liability.

Vascular Injections

Our certified arborists are experienced in systemically treating trees through their vascular systems (veins). These injections allow us to safely and effectively treat for harmful pest infestations and fertilize when necessary. Growth regulators can also be injected to produce desired growth reduction extending pruning cycles and maintaining scenic view planes with less pruning.

24-Hour Emergency Response

We're available 24 hours a day for emergencies or storm work for your convenience and safety.